Top 55 Commercial Parodies

5. "Jewess Jeans," SNL, 1980

This could just be a song on the radio and you'd still laugh out loud, but seeing Gilda Radner prance around in gold-lame piping and a halter top is not an image we'll soon forget. "She's read every bestselling book/She's a gourmet blender cook/She's got that Jewish loooooook . . . " Radner does what was probably one of pop-culture's earliest JAP impressions, back when such women were known for tortoise-shell glasses and ridiculously long, dangly necklaces. Semetic jokes are essentially today's default humor, but this early pioneer set the stage, and placed the bar as high as her platform heels.

4. "Wade Blasingame" SNL

Over 23 dogs exterminated...Call Wade, akak Will Ferrell , today.

3. "Robot Insurance," SNL, 1995

Elderly people are a prime marketing demographic, and the best way to sell them something is to scare the living shit out of them. "Robot Insurance" is the best parody of an elderly-targeted commercial that's ever been made, and without Sam Waterston, it wouldn't quite work. His ridiculously grave delivery is the joke itself, when he ominously intones, "When they grab you with those metal claws, you can't break free, because they're made of metal, and robots are strong."

2. "Little Chocolate Donuts," SNL, 1977

It's the simplest possible setup: John Belushi trumping a flock of trim athletes in a decathlon. Just the sight of that paunch making its way around a track is worth a laugh, but it's Belushi himself who's the ultimate payoff. As the posterboy for unclean living, he relies on "little chocolate donuts" to stay fit, and the half-smoked cigarette dangling from his chubby hand puts this one over the top.

1. "Bass-o-matic," SNL, 1976

Dan Aykroyd is a born salesman. He's got the relentless patter of an auctioneer, looks completely at home in a patterned suit and grins like a huckster who's got you in the palm of his hand. "Bass-o-matic" was one of SNL's earliest forays into the commercial-parody genre that it would eventually come to dominate, and no one could have jumpstarted it like Aykroyd and his quick-and-easy fish preparation device.

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