Top 55 Commercial Parodies

40. "Dissing Your Dog," SNL, 2001

Passive-aggression is never as sweet as when it's bundled up with Will Ferrell and a pack of puppies. But in this sketch, Ferrell's sarcastic, back-handed put-downs work far more effectively than actual communication, and provide a cutting perspective on the training methods of parents whose kids won't obey.

39. "Rise," SNL, 1979

America is a nation of germophobes; of particular concern are public bathrooms. Steve Martin does a lovely job of satirizing our fear of toilet seats, doorknobs, payphones and anything else not touched exclusively by ourselves. Declaring public bathrooms "dirty, disgusting and germ-ridden," he plays off a culture obsessed with sanitization mainly because of what we've been told by the people selling us disinfectants.

38. "Nikey Turkey," SNL, 1990

This is an amazing flashback to African-American TV comedy from the early '90s. Chris Rock looks startlingly young, and his facial expression when he peers into the camera and urges, "Pump it" in that faux-sexy moan is a comedic moment to pause and rewind.

37. "Steve Martin's All-Natural Penis Beauty Creme (New Formula!)," SNL, 1994

Celebrity endorsements are the most meaningless of marketing strategies. This concept is skewered with glee by Steve Martin, who was never a regular SNL cast member and so appears in few ad parodies. But if he was going to lend his name to just one product, it's no surprise it's this one.

36. "Bug-Off," SNL, 1995

Pest control can be sadistic. What goes on inside those diabolical little black roach traps? Probably something similar to what happens in this commercial. Mixing the extreme violence of children's cartoons with people's total disregard for insects as a legitimate life form, "Bug-Off" shows us just how cruel we can be when Disney-grade imagination meets chemical science.

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