Top 55 Commercial Parodies

15. "The Love Toilet," SNL, 1991

The Love Toilet is a perfect storm of commercial parodying: a mix of great comedic writing with a commentary on groan-inducing "I want to smell your morning breath" love. The voiceover asks, "Why not share the most intimate moment of them all?" Why not, indeed? A young Kevin Nealon and a fresh-faced Victoria Jackson make goo-goo eyes at each other, their panties strung around their ankles.

14. "Wrap-It-Up Box," Chappelle's Show, 2003

The best fake commercials offer one of two things: a product you would never in your life actually purchase, or a product you would kill to have, if only it were really on the market. The Wrap-It-Up Box is of this latter category, the perfect device to subvert our culture of politeness, where everyone feigns interest long after interest has shriveled and died.

13. "Happy Fun Ball," SNL, 1991

Since the days of truly hazardous children's toys are long gone, so "Happy Fun Ball" doesn't pack the straight parody punch it did almost twenty years ago. It does, however, bear a striking resemblance to modern commercials for pharmaceuticals. Viagra is, technically speaking, a type of Happy Fun Ball, so the litany of warnings remains hilariously relatable. Plus, the idea of taunting an inanimate rubber ball is laugh-worthy all by itself.

12. "G-R-R-R Detergent," The Lily Tomlin Comedy Special, 1975

Few people know that Lily Tomlin used to do real TV commercials, usually with a subtle wink at the vapid marketing behind detergents and breakfast cereals, making her one of the first satirists of advertising back when it was oh so earnest. This parody of an ad for G-R-R-R Detergent holds up remarkably well several decades later. Everything is encapsulated in that moment when she first notices the lipstick stain on her husband's shirt and stares into the washing machine for just a second too long.

11. "Moorehead Securities" SNL

A tradition of security.

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