Top 55 Commercial Parodies

50. "Annuale," SNL, 2008

Most women find the idea of a once-a-season menstrual cycle creepy. Unlike boob jobs, waxing and diet pills, that just doesn't seem natural. The Annuale sketch shows that even a big-pharma, pink-tinged ad campaign can't dispel that.

49. "Levitol," MADtv, 2006

The "ask your doctor if *blank* is right for you" genre has been sent up a thousand times, but only a few stand out. The weird doctor-patient power dynamic hasn't been made any more comfortable by the raft of TV ads encouraging us to ask about particular medicines, a fact that this nails perfectly. And there's just something about those gardening gloves. a

48. "Fashion Tampons," In Living Color, 1991

In Living Color was never known for its commercial parodies, but they had a few classics, one of them being "Fashion Tampons." "Stylish, comfortable and fun," they go with any outfit. The idea of tampon companies claiming their own tampon is far superior to all the others is the joke here as is an entire dress contructed of small tubes of cotton, with earrings to match.

47. "Woomba," SNL, 2004

One pleasing development over the last decade has been the increasing pop-culture visibility of vaginas. This sketch starts to lose focus once it plays up the "vagina-cleaning robot runs amuck" premise it would be more satirically on-point to have Fey and company acting incongruously unfazed.

46. "Xerox Assjet," SNL, 1997

SNL commercial parodies have often been their strongest work. Yes, people using copy machines to make pictures of their asses is funny. But what makes this funnier than an actual photocopied ass is the authenticity of Will Ferrell's smooth businessman and a non-plussed Tim Meadows expressing his disapproval of subpar ass copies.

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