Top 55 Commercial Parodies

45. "Coin Slot Cream," SNL, 2006

There's a cream for every crevice of your body, and the idea that the one designed for under your eyes is radically different than the one designed for the rest of your face is ridiculous. But that doesn't stop the marketers from telling us as much, as Lindsay Lohan rightly points out while selling cream designed specifically for the northern ridge of your butt crack.

44. "Tylenol BM," SNL, 2005

Watching Baldwin's businessman sell Tylenol BM with his cheerful morning-after grin, despite his wife screaming, "Did you shit the bed?" almost makes you want to buy the fake product.

43. "Colonel Belmont's Old-Fashioned Horse Glue," SNL, 2000

This pillories commercials that appeal to the Restoration Hardware crowd. "When it comes time to fix that refrigerator magnet, or put together a little house of popsicle sticks, you don't want some cheap, synthetic glue. You want pure mutilated horse paste." It's easy to believe a line like this was lifted directly from Martha Stewart Living.

42. "HiberNol," SNL, 1993

Over-the-counter medicines like NyQuil basically promise to induce a coma so you can remain unconscious while your cold runs its course. If we could just expand that remedy so it covers the entire flu season, half of America would probably opt to slumber from November to April, living off our ample body fat. It's no wonder why they cast Chris Farley for this one.

41. "Excedrin Racial Tension Headache," SNL, 2004

Queen Latifa is grand as the frustrated office worker whose coworkers call her Denise, "which is stressful, because my name is Linda." Few comedians handle racial jokes with deft, and Latifa employs just the right mix of discomfort and sass in this sketch.

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