Top 55 Commercial Parodies

35. "The Young and the Wrestling," SCTV, 1980

The premise is ridiculously basic; it's literally rooted in a play on words. But linking soap-opera melodrama to professional wrestling's hysterics is an astute correlation. Tony Rosato is a sheik why? In soap opera and professional wrestling, you just don't ask those sorts of questions. Nor do you ask why Rick Moranis ignores his opponent, and instead pile-drives a nightgowned Andrea Martin.

34. "Cookie Dough Sport," SNL, 1997

You can literally feel your heart slowing down when you watch someone pounding cookie dough straight from a bottle. The gross-out is the go-to method when it comes food-related humor, and "Cookie Dough Sport" plays it with aplomb. It's also a delightfully effective skewer for performance drinks that have "high-fructose corn syrup" near the top of their ingredients list.

33. "Oops I Crapped My Pants," SNL, 1998

All right, so it's not brilliant. It's a fairly transparent attempt at scatalogical humor that panders to the masses. But there's nothing wrong with a foolproof laugh at elderly incontinence.

32. "Petchow Rat Poison," SNL, 1996

Will Ferrell became the commercial force he is today thanks to his ability to play exaggerated and unbelievable characters like Ron Burgundy, so it's easy to forget how strong his straight man really is. Ferrell's Hank Petchow doesn't flip out his audience with jokes built on wild incongruity. Instead, he slowly builds guffaws with subtly violent dialogue and a weirdly malevolent folksy cadence.

31. "Mercury Mistress," SNL, 1998

"Introducing the new Mercury Mistress: The world's first car you can actually have sex with. Optional features include extra shock absorbers that can handle even the most severe weather conditions. The message that men want to have sex with their cars is obvious, but that doesn't make a Fleshlight under the license plate any less funny.

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