Top 55 Commercial Parodies

55. "Cluckin' Chicken," SNL

Cluckin' Chicken is way fresh!

54. "Litter Critters," SNL

Great creativity for kids! Litter not included.

53. "Subshack," SNL

More food than you can ever, ever eat.

52. "Cracklin Oat Flakes," SNL

Start your morning with a trip.

51. "Extremely Stupid People," SNL, 1976

As commercial satire, this sketch is pretty thin gruel; as an SNL moment, it's immortal for Candice Bergen fumbling before completely destroying her straight-woman role. The sweet smile that Gilda Radner wears as she twists the knife and Bergen bursts into laughter in the background is timeless. Proof positive that SNL was usually more endearing when it went badly.

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